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Founded in 2008, Club 17 is a charter broker with established partnerships, a constantly updated operator and aircraft database, and vast experience on the market. Our team of business aviation professionals can cater to the needs of every customer and is always up for a challenge.

Aircraft Catalogue

Chartering an aircraft is the most flexible and efficient service in business aviation. Through us you get access to hundreds of aircraft operated by trusted companies with a proven safety record and outstanding quality. Our exclusive arrangements with these companies, a profound knowledge of the market, and our great experience in business aviation ensures you have a pleasant trip every time

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Business Aviation

Business aviation is all about flexibility, comfort, confidentiality, and safety. You have your say in everything. Fly direct to your destination. Choose your schedule. Pick an aircraft, its interior, entertainment and connectivity systems, even the colour combination. And most importantly: save time. Arrive refreshed and ready to act. Fly out as soon as you’re done.

Aircraft Charter

Group Travel

It’s not easy to arrange the perfect flight for a large group of people, but as we said, we love a challenge. We will find the right aircraft, book transfers and airport services, ensure there’s good food on board, and all baggage is loaded on time.

Medical Flights

In the highly stressful event when a medical flight is needed, you want somebody you can rely on. We at Club 17 know how to act fast and arrange a specially-equipped aircraft with a team of medics in any part of the world.


Sometimes a helicopter is the only way to go door-to-door quickly, avoiding traffic and unwanted attention. Our network of contacts around the world ensures we can find you a comfortable and reliable helicopter when you need it.


Our service doesn’t stop when you land at your destination. Just let us know, and we’ll arrange a van or limo to be at your disposal and take you where you need to go.


Share your culinary fantasies with us, and we will find a first-class restaurant or a little-known local gem to make sure they come to life on your next trip.

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